Jul 3, 2008

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia jobs - Senior Biomed Manager, Chief Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Technicians, X-Ray Equipments Engineer Specialist, Biomedical Technician



  1. Senior Biomed Manager: bs degree in bio-medical or electronic engineering /  maintenance & repair of medical equipments / Computer literate and capable of running a bio-medical maintenance project well organized and run by means of a work control management information system
  2. Chief Biomedical Engineer: bs in bio-medical or electronic engineering / experience in hospital biomedical engineer in maintenance of major life equipments & laboratory systems / expertise of biomedical maintenance policies & procedures plus quality and safety control standards
  3. Biomedical Technicians: diploma in general mechanic / experience in hospital biomedical department
  4. X-Ray Equipments Engineer Specialist: degree in biomedical or electronic engineering / experience in diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound equipments
  5. Biomedical Technician: degree in biomedical or electronic engineering / experience in major hospital biomedical and laboratory systems including research equipments



CENTAUR International Manpower Services Inc.


P.E.S. Building 1639 Dian Street, Brgy. San Isidro

Makati City, Philippines

Tel: (632) 8898726 / 8435526

Fax: (632) 8892680


centaurrecruit@mydestiny.net / centaur_manila@yahoo.com


Cebu Branch:

2nd Floor, Zosa Building  933 V. Rama Street

Guadalupe, Cebu City, Philippines

Telefax: (6332) 2545025



For Manpower Pooling… No fees to be collected…

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